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man can’t people just dislike characters anymore just because?? like why does there always have to be some deep underlying reason other than the fact that the characters annoys the ever loving shit out of me or I don’t like their prickly little face

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i think the best thing that everybody is forgetting is that the big dramatic scene they showed in the vol 2 preview with ruby holding weiss and crying out in agony that everybody was freaking out over??


was over a food fight

Hello RWBY Fandom, and welcome to Roosterteeth 101’s first lesson:

All your smiles will turn to tears
And it’s pretty god damn clear
That you know you can’t trust ANYBODY now

This guy especially

Had to point this out to my brother! First time i watched it I hit pause, and could only stare while going “Those mother fuckers!”

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Muggleborn AU


The Tri-Wizard tournament comes around again. And then the person who gets chosen  is a muggle born. Then as they go to the back of the hall another one of the muggleborns whistles the Mockingjay tune from Hunger Games, and does the salute. Then every other muggleborn does the salute and the chosen witch/wizard does it back then leaves the room. And all the purebloods look around like “What the…”

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Hogwarts AU: Muggleborns bring in portable DVD players and handheld games consoles, and are playing constant battles between the houses, and all the pure bloods etc. are really confused by it all.

Hogwarts AU: Muggleborns are bringing in things like pens and all the other students are really…

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24.  Muggleborn wizards have turned it into a habit to quote famous falling scenes whenever they fall or are knocked off their brooms. The ravenclaws are partial to “Fly, you fools!” from lotr, Hufflepuffs scream “AS YOU WISH”, etc. But across the houses if you knock someone off a broom, you look down at them and say “Long live the king!” It is the newest thing to shout “Let it go!” whenever anyone is holding on just by their hands.

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Muggleborns trying to figure out spells to get CDs to play without use of electronics, and once they figure out the right spell, there’s a furious swapping of CDs, and none of the purebloods can figure out what a ‘jagger moves like, this song makes no sense!’ ‘Why are you guys laughing so hard about this song? He’s singing about never giving someone up, that’s kind of sweet…”